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Welcome to T w o   W h e e l   T o u r i n g Australia
Motorcycle Touring... rides. places. people.

Two Wheel Touring Australia is a portal dedicated to the motorcycle touring enthusiast. TWT is a place to learn about trips, products, and news of interest. You can interact with other riders, learn about services and interesting destinations. We believe that Motorcycle Touring is not just about a great ride, it is also about exploring, meeting people, and adventures that are just that much more enjoyable on a motorcycle!

Watch for the release of our Ride Guides series packed with info to help make your trips more enjoyable and safer. Two Wheel Touring Ride Guides are segmented trips through and to some of the unique destinations of Australia. We include info such as how to transport your bike to and from trip start and end points, prevailing road and weather conditions, listings for accommodation, motorcycle services, pubs, restaurants, cafe's, and general service stations. We also have information for the overseas rider on renting a bike here, shipping your own in (and out) or perhaps you prefer to buy and ride your own bike. All our Ride guides will be available in downl oadable and printable eBook form so you can print out pages that are important to you or view it with live links on your computer, mobile phone, or PDA. They will include photos, maps, GPS coordinates and other must have information to thrive and survive on your trips.

Some of the trips we are covering include Tasmania, The Northern Territory, The Kimberley, The Great Ocean Road, The Sapphire Coast, The Great Barrier Reef, Tamworth Country Music, Wangarratta Jazz, Straight Down, The Red Centre, The Nullarbor, Winery and Gourmet Tours, The Adelaide Hills, The Hunter Valley, Uluru, The Devils Marbles, Broome, Melbourne, Darwin, Katherine Gorge, Yorkeys Knob, Daintree, Coober Pedy, Pimba, Alice Springs, and more.

So whether you're a weekend warrior, an iron butt long haul tourer, or somewhere in between... this is the place to meet like minded people who share the fun and adventure of touring on two wheels!  We offer this site to those who like to get out and do the tourist thing via motorcycle ... rather than bus, train, plane, or car!

Our WebSite is evolving so subscribe to our Newsletter and we will keep you informed as we grow. PLEASE NOTE: if you have news, views, or products or service reviews that relate to the Touring Motorcyclist or impacts us as motorcyclists in general please eMail us.

Meet The Crew


The road captain's name is Barry Hemmings. Barry has had a life long love affair with 2 things: motorcycles and his wife Julie - the order depends on the day!

Barry has owned and ridden bikes of all colours, shapes and sizes - both European and Japanese and likes (almost) nothing more than a  bendy road, some sticky tyres and a willing engine followed by lunch and a beer at a pub in the country somewhere with friends.

Barry has just begun a new affair with a Triumph tiger after having been a long term Aprilia owner - time to grow up (a little) and give the back a bit of a rest. He still loves those corners though!

Working for Australia Post over the past 20 years, Barry's first job there was as a trainer, supervisor and auditor of motorcycle safety as well as other management systems within AusPost.  Having a real passion for the behavioural aspects of motorcycling and safety, Barry was one of the champions within AusPost of the 'Behaviour Based Safety Program'. This program utlised a broad culture change initiative aimed at making mail delivery a safer activity as part of the real challenge involved in the unique nature of the job. Once, while speaking at a Behaviour Based Safety conference, Barry was asked "why do you think that motorcycle safety is more difficult to achieve than other types of safety where convetional tools are used? The motorcycle is just the tool of the Posties trade isn't it?" Barrys response: "yes they are the tools of the trade but an angle grinder doesn't give you a rush when you are barrelling towards a corner on it!'

Barry is the director of The Behaviour Business - a consultancy that assists organisations to implement/achieve positive change in process as well as staff behaviour.

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